Clay Footbath

Clay Footbath

A regular footbath is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day and it only takes a few minutes to prepare. Not to be underestimated, a footbath can be a very effective alternative to having full clay bath and one that can be enjoyed while watching your favourite television show or reading a book.


This particular Bentontie clay is very easy to mix into a footbath compared with other clays that tend to clump. No pre-mixing is necessary,  the clay can be added directly to the water . Sprinkling the clay over the surface of the water will produce an even clay water mix that is ready for use in a matter of minutes. A container with enough depth for two feet at least up to the ankles is ideal.

How much to use?

Generally speaking 1 - 2 cups of clay is used for cleansing baths but more can be used if preferred.

Duration: 15 to 30 minutes or as desired.

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