Can I use your Edilbe Bentonite Clay for all my body care applications?

Yes. The Edible/Topical bentonite Is it extremely versatile and perfect for topical applications eg. face masks, body wraps, baths, footbaths. Even those with very sensitive skin will benefit from this all natural product. It is suitable for regular use on acne and eczema prone skin. 

It is particulalry easy to mix into a smooth paste for internal or external use.

Is there aluminium in your clay?

No, our clay does not contain Aluminium (Al).  

 BENTONITE CLAY is classified as an Alumino-silicate. This means its major elements are Alumina oxide (Al2O3) and Silica (SiO2).  Hence all Bentonite clay contains these as major elements. Bentonite would be an entirely different substance without alumina oxide. Alumina oxide (Al203) is not Aluminium (Al)

The alumina oxide in clay is a natural mineral quite different from the inorganic toxic form one gets from cooking with aluminium cookware.

See Aluminium in clay? for more on this subject.                                                  

Will it block my plumbing when I drain the bath? ( do I need a drain guard?)

No it will not block your drain and you don't need a drain guard if used in the recommended way. The clay is in a fine powdered form and when mixed sufficiently with water say 1 -3 cups of clay in a full bath tub it has the consistency similar to that of full cream milk. So it will drain out easily. It  will not take more than a minute or two to wash the clay water out of the bath. Incidentally the clay will help to keep the drain pipes clean as it is a bactericide.

Is it safe to use with septic tank / bio type systems.

Do not drain large amounts of clay water eg. bath quantities into a septic tank or bio cycle system . Bentonite and zeolite are bacteriacides and have the potential to upset the bacteria balance required for optimal performance. If you have such a system you will need to remove the water by bucket. Alternately it could be siphoned out the window into a container or directly on to a garden.